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We are currently running 2 programmes in our coachEd. corner;

1 - Football Club Development

2 - Young Sports Coach Education

For more information on each of these programmes, see below.

Football Club Development

How we do it...

We start by outlining the structure of your club so that the end product (your highest level) is always in sight. This will create the building blocks to your model.

Then we work with you to understand/develop your club/coaches vision for all 4 corners of the game (see these broken down in our slideshow opposite).

Once we discover WHAT you want  your model to look like, we will work with you to develop HOW you can make that happen. See an example in our slideshow of how we developed a performance model for a clubs 'attacking organisation' in the past. Starting with just the Tactical demands that were developed in line with their clubs performance model, we then align their technical and mental demands for those tactics for optimal progress. We can then develop an annual plan for a season with your chosen age group to show you how best to meet your model at all stages. We can show you examples of these when you book a meeting with a member of the team.

Book a meeting with us today with no obligation, to see how we can help develop your club.

Young Sports Coach Education

Whether you're in a school, college or club environment, 5SPORT can be your young coaches' first point of call for guidance in leading participants in a variety of activities. With the comfort of knowing our coaches deliver across a variety of settings with a vast amount of experience in outstanding practice and pedagogy, your young leaders can develop their skills with engaging, inspiring practices and methods that will have them excited to continue their development. 

Book us for a workshop where we can offer resources and training or use us collaboratively with your leaders during their sessions.

See how we've already been collaborating with Wakefield College, Kirklees College and Next Generation Youth Project on our social media pages...

Gareth Morgan
FA Youth Coach Developer
See what Gareth had to say about our Founder and Head Coach, Emily...

"Emily's capacity to develop social and psychological skills is a huge strength in her coaching, reflecting an area that I know she has worked extremely hard to establish a deep knowledge and understanding of. Combining this understanding together with her practical skills as a physical educator, Emily is quite uniquely placed to educate coaches and teachers on how they might be able to incorporate these areas into their work too."

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